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Delivering Alpha to Investors and Capital to First Time Issuers

Asset Philosophy

Founder Fouad Onbargi has raised over $65 billion of asset-based financing over his extensive career in banking, advisory and asset management. He brings the capacity to deliver financial solutions “across the capital stack” to borrowers while meeting various risk-return profiles of investors. For investors, Mr. Onbargi seeks alpha by focusing on underbanked and/or nascent asset classes. For borrowers, Mr. Onbargi delivers novel solutions that consider the client’s bespoke business plan and unique asset financing needs.

Capital Solutions

Senior Non-Recourse Financing

  • Revolving Bank Warehouses

  • Capital Markets Term Financing

  • Delayed Draw Notes


Platform Investments – Private Equity

  • Co-Investment Joint Ventures

  • Start-Up Capital

 Mezzanine & First Loss Investment

  • Mezzanine Revolvers to Support Senior Bank Warehouse Lines

  • Subordinated Term Financing

  • Whole Loan Purchases

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For established asset classes, Mr. Onbargi has created novel financing platforms like asset specific re-insurance vehicles and extendible ABCP conduits.  He uses his legal acumen and 20 years + business experience to develop first-of-their-kind securitizations in many "esoteric" asset classes:

  • Commercial and Rental Auto Fleets

  • Containers/Railcars

  • Aviation (business jets, freighters, helicopters)

  • Structured Settlements (Guaranteed and Life-Contingent)

  • Life Settlements

  • Trade A/R

  • Lotteries/Tobacco Bonds

  • Music/Film/Drug Royalties

  • “Whole Company” securitization

  • Solar Loans/Residential PACE/Commercial PACE

More recently, Mr. Onbargi has been focusing on:​

  • Alternative Energy & Electric Vehicles - and

  • SaaS/Subscription Based Business Financing


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